I could probably write hundreds of posts this city. Simply, I fell in love with Lisbon and its flair. The Mediterranean climate paired with a vibrant atmosphere and the pretty much laid back Portuguese makes Lisbon unique and outstanding. Small alleyways, steep hills that make you run up and down, colorful houses and historic tramways dominate the cityscape in Alfama and the city center. The contrast of the historic townscape and the modern Lisbon with its contemporary architecture and art scene creates an intriguing feeling and immediate feel-good vibes.

You won’t find a single spot with locals only without tourists. The cool thing about Lisbon is that the locals mix up with the tourists and vice versa. The tourist traps are definitely kept in limits 😉

Some good to know things about Lisbon. You do not need a car. The best way to explore the city is by walking or public transport such as the ancient trams. Even bikes are fine as long as skip the hilly parts of the city. If you do a road trip by car and make a stopover in Lisbon, there are spots where you can park your car, even if you read otherwise in many forums. My top tip for parking: the App Parkopedia shows you all parking lots on a map with the prices. There is one on Rua da Escola Politécnica 213 for 11 Euro for 24 hours which is quite reasonable.

Find my bucket list for Lisbon on my next posts.

Lisbon top picks Alfama
Lisbon top picks
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Lisbon top picks Alfama
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