I’m a passionate traveler and photographer. On my blog, I’m sharing my journeys seen through the lens. It is not an ordinary travel blog, my focus lies clearly on capturing beautiful photos and fine art photography while traveling. You won’t find many selfies (if any) or me posing at the fancy hotel pool, but rather photographs of high quality. I’m also providing tips and recommendations for all sorts of topics within photography and traveling.

Nicola from suitcase and wanderlust

Every journey starts with a smile. So does the preparation and research.

Research is the most important thing before I start to travel. Where do I want to go? Where are the spots I want to see and most important to me, what do I want to capture with my camera? Is it the everyday life of a country and the people or the most famous spots you usually see on postcards or am I looking for the hidden gems. Most of the time it’s a mix of everything. The web makes it so easy to plan a journey. Planning is essential, but I do give some room for improvisation. I need a day to relax at the pool or beach? I take it. An unseen opportunity comes up to see a different spot that was not on my list? I go for it. Talking to other travelers and photographers helps. There are a lot out there. And some are willing to share their gems. Soak them up.

Stop dreaming about a journey you’ve always wanted to do. Start doing it.

I hope you’ll find some inspiration on my blog. Do you have any questions or comments, get in contact with me. Do you have any hidden spots you want to share with me, I’m happy to hear them. You wish to work with me, drop me an email.

For the ones of you who wish to move your photography skills to a higher level, I’m happy to provide workshops while traveling. I will show you the basics of photography and will guide you to fascinating spots of a city or country. With simple methods, you will learn to see through the lens and improve your photography skills. The journeys will be a mix of learning, photo walks and enjoyment. In addition to the workshops, I will set up a leisure program tailored to the city or country we are. Fun guaranteed. I look forward to meeting you and travel with you.

Enjoy reading. Nicola

Get in touch with me: nicola(at)suitcaseandwanderlust.com