A very simple technique of focusing is the FTR technique: Focus then recompose. This method is very helpful in many situations, especially in low light, or when your subject is or is at the corner of your frame, or you need to be fast and don’t have time to move the focus point manually.

Composing your shot means that you arrange your subjects in the photo. It’s called image composition.

Re-compose means that you frame your image, focus on your subject and then position the camera somewhere else to get a nicer composition.

A simple example: You position your subject in the middle of the frame and focus at it. A subject in the middle usually means that the photo looks rather boring. You could move it to the side to get a more exciting image composition = recompose. 

The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that you hold the shutter release button halfway down when you reposition the camera. Then press the shutter to take your photo and your subject, which was in the middle before, is not only at a different position but also in focus.

Sorry guys, the video is currently only available in German. But you might still be able to understand the technique by watching it 

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