What? Travel and make money sounds great but I am just a normal person who travels a couple of times a year. So this doesn’t apply to me. Not quite, because there is TRVL. A platform for everyone: frequent travelers, company admins, tour guides and regular travelers. And with every hotel booking through TRVL you earn cash. Fancy being a travel agent for yourself, friends and family? Claim your personal suitcase and wanderlust bonus at the end of this post.

I am suspicious of a lot of things. Do you see these ads on Facebook saying „Make money overnight without working for it?“ They make me laugh because I do not believe in these methods. When I first heard of TRVL, I was suspicious, too. But the system actually is brilliant and very easy for everyone. Here’s how to travel and make money:

How does it work?

You act as a travel agent by booking your accommodation yourself and TRVL rewards you with a commission that usually goes to the industry. Simply sign up on the platform and start searching for hotels. You will find it very easy to filter by ratings, room rates, neighborhood, property type, amenities and free cancellation options. Once you applied your filter you can sort the results by recommendations from other travelers, price or ratings. 

Each search result shows you the TRVL price compared to other booking sites as well as the commission you earn for the booking. The platform is 100% transparent, no strings attached and no misleading claims about discounts. To me, another plus factor is, that there is no „be quick, only 1 room left“ message which sometimes rushed me into a hasty booking decision. 

Besides the commission, TRVL offers great discounts – especially if you are an Insider. More to that later. 

travel and make money

Who is TRVL for?

If you’re a frequent traveler, you benefit the most because the money is piling up with every booking you make through the platform. You can pile up your cash even more by recommending hotels to friends, family and colleagues. Simply click the share button and share via email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. If the person books via your link, you will get the commission. TRVL is one answer to how to make money while traveling. 

Even though you do not travel very frequently, you can still recommend hotels to other people and earn the commission. 

The system is not only interesting for travelers, but also for company admins who are responsible for corporate hotel bookings or tour guides. 

Is TRVL for free?

Yes and no. You can sign up to the platform for free, see the rates, book hotels, share your recommendations and earn the commission. There are no subscription, booking or any other hidden fees. As always, there is a but, right?

You can upgrade your account as Insider and get access to all the normal deals as well as to special TRVL insider rates which are not available to the public or to people with a free account. The costs for an insider account are US$ 19,90 per year. Most probably you will have the fee redeemed with one insider deal booking. 

Let me give you an example. I compared the same hotel in Vienna for 4 nights for 1 person, same room category, no breakfast, non-refundable on another booking platform, the hotel homepage and TRVL. 

Hotel in Vienna

Dec 12 – 16, 2018

Price for 4 nights

TRVL Insider Rate

€ 382

Earn 19 € commission, so price would be € 363
Another booking platform

€ 450

Includes a 10% discount
The hotel homepage

€ 502

Includes a 10% discount

In this example, you would save 68 Euro and earn another 19 Euro commission. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? For 68 Euro you can get a decent meal in a €€€ restaurant, at least one taxi transfer to the airport or it covers the costs for souvenirs for your beloved ones at home. 

make money while travel

How many hotels are covered on TRVL?

The platform covers 2 million hotels all over the world. As an Insider, you will have access to deals up to 65% off across 65.000 hotels worldwide. 

How do you get your commission?

Just add your bank details to your personal account. Once the bookings are finalized, you will find them under „available payout“. It takes usually 30-60 days after checkout until the bookings are confirmed. Hit the „request payout“ button and you will find the estimated date when the money will be in your bank account. It usually takes only a couple of days.

As a travel blogger, I can tell you it is a tough thing to make money while traveling. TRVL offers an easy way to do this. And the story of the founder of TRVL is very inspiring. Jochem used to be a travel photographer for National Geographic for 15 years. As a photographer myself, he is kind of an idol to me 😉 He founded TRVL after he was planning a trip to Mexico when he asked his team for tips and somebody enthused about a little village that can only be reached by boat. Jochem booked the trip after he heard the story and there, on this little island village, he had the genius thought of TRVL. 

"TRVL is very different than other travel brands: we’re in pursuit of your happiness. We want you to enjoy travel booking as much as you enjoy traveling. It should be all about you and your trip. We’re a young company but already have members in 120 countries and handle thousands of customers every day.”
TRVL founder Jochem
Jochem Wijnands
Founder of TRVL

TRVL will launch an app in a couple of weeks to make it even easier for you to book your hotels, recommend and earn commissions. 

A special gift for you, suitcase and wanderlust readers

For my readers, TRVL offers a $20 cash reward on your first booking PLUS a free upgrade to TRVL Insider. The upgrade comes straight after your first booking. Sign up today with this link  and start your travel planning. 

Happy traveling 🙂 

travel and make money
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Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by TRVL. However, the experience with TRVL is my own. I do not get a commission when you click on the link, sign up and book hotels.