Let's have some fun together. Pack your camera and meet me for a photo walk in Vienna. Depending on the season I'm offering different themes so that there's something for everyone.


Photography workshop blue hour

We use one of the most spectacular shooting time of a day, the blue hour. It starts after sunset. The sky gets this wonderful rich blue color and we are going to create stunning photographs together.

The starting hour varies depending on the season. After you booked the workshop, you will receive an email with the details such as exact time and meeting point.

Photography workshop modern architecture

Vienna has some wonderful modern buildings: on the "Donauplatte", in the area around "Hoch Zwei" and the new business university or at the new train station. This photo walk is for hobby photographers who love architecture and would love to learn how to capture modern architecture. 

Dates and booking

Price: € 49,-- (for approx. 2 hours)

Meeting point: will be announced in a separate email

Booking ended

Dates and booking

Price: € 69,-- (for approx. 3 hours)

Meeting point: will be announced in a separate email

Booking ended

What you need to bring with you?

A digital camera with manual settings + user manual

A tripod

Fully charged battery (eventually a second one)

Memory cards


You're not sure if this is for you?

The blue hour photo walk is for people with basic camera settings knowledge. In case you're not sure, if this class is the right thing for you, drop me an email (nicola@suitcaseandwanderlust.com) with your phone number and I will call you to discuss all questions.  


When and how do you pay the course?

As soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, you will receive an email with an invoice. I kindly ask you to transfer the money to my account within the time stated. 


The course should be a gift?

That's great. Photography classes are a great gift. Please add the name of the presentee in the comment box. I will send you a voucher per email after the payment has been settled.


Bad weather?

If the weather is really really bad and there's no point in shooting outdoors, I will offer an alternative date.