The buttons on your camera are too confusing? You're still shooting in automatic programme and the photos won't come out as you want them to? You want to learn how to capture beautiful photos? And it should be an easy and fun way to learn? 

I'm inviting you to book my photo school for beginners. I will expain the camera and its settings in an easy understandable way. I want you to have fun experimenting with the camera and discover the buttons. But photography is not only about the correct settings, it's a lot about composition. I will show you a few important but simple rules how you can turn a snap into a beautiful photo. 

In a small group of 6 people I will be able to be responsive to everyone in the course. 


Dates and booking

Start: 10.00 am

Price: € 159,--

About the photo school

We will meet in the morning in a seminar room in the 6th district and will discover the settings of the camera and the basic rules of photography. After a short break we will translate the theory into practice, go out and shoot. I will give you some tasks and will support you with all questions you might have.

You will get a script which helps you to remember some basics even after the course.

Please note that the course is mostly held in German unless all participants speak English. If you want to make sure that the course is held in English, please give me a call.

Duration: apprx. 7 hours

Number of participants: min. 4, max. 6

Instructor: Nicola Lederer


€ 159,-- per person

What you need to bring with you?

A digital camera with manual settings 

 The user manual of the camera

Fully charged battery (eventually a second one)

Memory cards


Can I join the class with a compact camera or my mobile phone?

In the workshop, we will learn how to set the camera settings even in difficult lighting situations. Our exercises will cover manual settings so I strongly recommend a digital camera which is able to do so.


You're not sure if this is for you?

In case you're not sure, if this class is the right thing for you, drop me an email ( with your phone number and I will call you to discuss all questions.  


When and how do you pay the course?

As soon as the minimum number of participants is reached, you will receive an email with an invoice. I kindly ask you to transfer the money to my account within the time stated. 


The course should be a gift?

That's great. Photography classes are a great gift. Please add the name of the presentee in the comment box. I will send you a voucher per email after the payment has been settled.


Bad weather?

If the weather is really really bad and there's no point in shooting outdoors, I will offer an alternative date.